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Biossays E6 Plus
Electrolyte Analyzer
The Fully-automatic Era of iCa2+ Solution
Biossays E6 Plus
Biossays E6 Plus is a fully automatic analyzer that excels in the direct measurement of iCa2+, providing a more precise indicator of the physiological state than measurements of total calcium. It can also connect with the Total Laboratory Automation System to simplify lab workflow and enhance testing efficiency, effectively meeting the extensive testing demands of large laboratories.
  • Throughput: 540 T/H (90 samples per hour)
  • Electrode types: Li+, K+, Na+, Cl-, iCa2+ and pH
  • Sample type: Serum, whole blood, plasma, urine
  • Sample volume: 100 μL
  • Capable to link with Laboratory Automation system (TLA/LAS)
Excellent Performance
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    Direct Ionized Calcium Measurement

    Ionized calcium can reflect the metabolic state of calcium better than total calcium

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    Puncture Sampling Technology

    The maximum anaerobic environment ensures the stability of ionized calcium levels and the accuracy of measurement

User-driven Design
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    Easy Maintenance

    Drag-out ISE module, flip-type electrode replacement and automatic washing to ensure convenient maintenance

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    Various Combinations

    Provide comprehensive assays and optional combination of different items (Li+, K+, Na+, Cl-, iCa2+ and pH)

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    High Scalability

    Connectable to Total Laboratory Automation System, meeting the needs of large laboratories

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