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Biossays C8
Automatic Biochemistry Analyzer
Exploring the new journey for clinical chemistry management
Biossays C8
Biossays C8 is an automatic biochemistry analyzer with high throughput up to 1600 T/H, providing an efficient solution for medium to large laboratories.
With proven technologies and high scalability, Biossays C8 enables full automation and maximum efficiency in your laboratory.
  • Single module: 1600 T/H
  • Four modules combined: 6400 T/H
  • 300 sample positions
  • Up to 144 reagent positions
  • Capable to integrate with decapper module and MAGLUMI X8
High-speed Detection
Up to 6400 T/H with four modules combined
Excellent Performance
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    Accurate Pipetting

    Micro-sampling ensures the sampling accuracy of low-volume samples

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    Automatic distribution of warm water, acid liquid and alkali liquid, ensuring thorough washing 

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    Independent wash mixer to avoid carry-over contamination 

    The mixing speed of different assays can be set independently

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    Reaction Module

    362 permanent quartz cuvettes, maintenance-free

    Solid heating with stable temperature control at 37±0.2°C

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    Optical System

    Concave holographic grating post-splitting technology

    Precise control of temperature, long lifespan of the light source

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    ISE Module

    Electrode types:

    K+, Na+, Cl-, iCa2+, pH, reference electrode

Intelligent and User-friendly Design
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    Front-loaded double reagent disks and auxiliary displaying system for easier reagent replacement
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    Decapper module configurable, no manual operation required
Flexible Configuration
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    Capable to integrate Decapper module and MAGLUMI X8
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    Capable to link with Laboratory Automation system (TLA/LAS)
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