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Biossays 240 Plus
Automatic Biochemistry Analyzer
Compact Design – Meet Your Need of Space & Cost-Saving
Biossays 240 Plus is one of the fastest small size biochemistry analyzers, which provides an efficient, intelligent and accurate diagnostic solution for small laboratories or hospitals.
  • Throughput: Constant 240 tests/hour
  • Up to 90 sample and reagent positions, continuous loading
  • 80 reusable reaction cuvettes
  • ISE throughput: 200 T/H (Optional)
  • Low water consumption (≤2.0-3.0 L/H)
Efficient Loading
  • 产品图片780x422(1)
    Continuous loading of samples and reagents during measurement
Advanced Components
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    High-efficiency Washing

    Innovative 4-step washing technology ensures thorough cleaning of cuvettes

  • 产品图片780x422(3)
    Precise Pipetting

    Sample & Reagent probe incorporated with liquid level sensor, volume tracking, collision detection and clot detection to prevent cross-contamination

  • 产品图片780x422(4)
    Excellent Optical System

    Stable performance and long service life of the optical system

  • 产品图片780x422(5)
    Low Reaction Volume

    The minimum reaction volume of only 100μL reduces the reagent consumption

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