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Molecision MP-96
Fully-auto Nucleic Acid Purification System
Fully-auto Solution for DNA/RNA Extraction
Molecision MP-96
Molecision MP-96 is a fully-auto nucleic acid purification system that can complete up to 96 nucleic acid extraction in 11 mins.
Combined with Snibe high-performance extraction reagent—Molecision Nucleic Acid Extraction Kit, Molecision MP-96 can quickly extract nucleic acid from samples, enabling users to achieve efficient and high-quality extraction.
  • Throughput: 1-96 extractions/batch
  • Only 11 mins to process up to 96 extractions in one run
  • Highly efficient extraction with ready-to-use reagents
  • Support multiple types of samples to meet various demands
  • Contamination prevention with built-in UV lamp and HEPA filter cotton
Efficient Testing
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    Complete up to 96 extractions in 11 mins automatically
  • 780x4221拷贝
    Molecision Nucleic Acid Extraction Kits are available in small package with 16 samples/run to reduce waste
High Flexibility
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    Support a broad range of samples to meet different needs

    Including Plasma, Serum, Whole blood, Sputum, Saliva, Swabs, Vesicles and Pustules, BALF, CSF, Urine and Stool

  • 780x4222
    Applicable in multiple fields

    Scientific Research, Clinical Diagnosis, Food Safety, etc.

Safety Protection
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    UV irradiation and negative pressure design prevent aerosol pollution and ensure safety of operators
Easy Operation
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    Clear UI interface, easy to operate
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    Fully-automatic workflow improves the operational productivity greatly
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