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Molecision S6
Digital PCR System
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One-stop Solution for Absolute Quantification
Molecision S6
Molecision S6 is a PCR system that utilizes the 3rd generation of PCR technology - digital PCR, to achieve absolute quantification through partitioning the reaction.
Unlike traditional dPCR systems, Molecision S6 is a fully-integrated system that enables a complete test in a single analyzer, thus reducing your manual work and avoiding contamination.
  • Detection speed: 1-3 seconds/channel
  • Total run time: 2 hours
  • A single run: 16 samples (4*4 cartridges)
  • Detection channel: 5 fluorescence channels
  • Droplets Generation Characteristics
    Number of droplets: >20,000
    Droplet volume: <0.8 nL
  • Performance Characteristics
    High sensitivity(up to 0.01%)
    High precision(±10%)
    Wide dynamic range(5 logs)
Fully Integrated and Enclosed System
  • S6模块
    Integrates functions of droplet generation, PCR amplification, droplet reading and data analysis in an analyzer to achieve full automation
  • S6-1
    Easy operation, the overall detection only takes 2 hours
Reliable Performance
  • S6-2
    5 kinds of fluorescence channels can support simultaneous detection of multiple genes (FAM, HEX, ROX, CY5 and CY5.5)
Reagent and Consumable
  • 780x4222
    Easy-to-use Cartridge

    Good uniformity and thermal stability of generated droplets(CV<5%)

    Efficient droplet generation rate(more than 90%)

  • 780x4223
    Customized Reagents

    Support the development of reagents using specialized Master Mix, meeting different needs of customers

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