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Biolumi CX8
Integrated System
Maximize your lab’s potential with just 3.8 square meters
Biolumi CX8
Biolumi CX8 is an integrated system that combines two powerful systems--- Biossays C8 and MAGLUMI X8, to achieve simultaneous biochemical and immunological testing.
Moreover, it not only has an ultra-high throughput in a minimal footprint, but can also be customized according to your needs, supporting up to 4 instruments connected, and covering the demands of different laboratories.
  • 780x422拷贝
    High Throughput with Small Footprint

    Up to two C8, two X8 and one Decapper module can be integrated, greatly improve your lab efficiency

  • image
    STAT Sample Priority

    Process emergency samples efficiently

  • CX8-2
    Outstanding Technologies of Immunoassay Module

    ABEI labelling & magnetic microbeads separation technologies ensure accuracy

  • CX8-1
    Advanced Technologies of Biochemistry Module

    High-quality Grating Technology ensures stability and consistency

  • 产品图片780x422(5)
    Intelligent Software

    Monitoring the test procedure in real time and delivering a wide range of easy-to-use functions such as HIL test, batch maintenance and remote diagnosis

  • 产品图片780x422(6)
    Auxiliary Touchpad

    Exclusively designed auxiliary touchpad for easy monitoring and replacement of reagents and consumables

  • 产品图片780x422(4)
    Snibe iXLab Vision Smart Screen

    A smart lab management assistant to help you easily access the testing process in a more intuitive way

  • 746X485(PX)
    Multiple Configurations
    Meet the demands from medium to large laboratories
  • 746X485(PX)2
    TLA Expandability
    Capable to link with Laboratory Automation system (TLA/LAS)
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