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Fully-auto Chemiluminescence Immunoassay (CLIA) System
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Save Your Space without Compromise
MAGLUMI X3 is a compact and powerful analyzer that can perform up to 200 tests per hour in a minimal space. Utilizing the advanced X-TECH technology, X3 can deliver precise and reliable results for small to medium-sized hospitals and laboratories.
  • Throughput: 200 tests/hour
  • Space occupied<0.68 m²
  • Throughput of per unit area>294 T/H/m²
  • 72 sample positions and 20 reagent positions
  • Reagent area with 24 hours refrigeration
  • 3
    Covering just 0.68 m², MAGLUMI X3 gives you extreme efficiency in a limited space
Reliable Technologies
  • X3-3
    Accurate Pipetting Technology

    Single needle coated with TEFLON to avoid carry-over

  • X3-4
    Accurate Incubation Technology

    Single cup design with five-sided heating at 37±0.3℃, ensuring accurate, quick and uniform incubation

  • X3-2
    High-efficiency Washing Technology

    Non-contact vortex mixing, supporting different mixing modes for various assays to reduce non-specific binding and enhance sensitivity

  • X3-1
    Super Stable Measuring Chamber

    Bidirectional temperature control maintains a stable background temperature

    Single-cup design prevents light cross-contamination for high detection precision

User-friendly Design
  • 4
    Easy operation with front-face continuous loading and unloading of samples, reagents and consumables
  • 5
    Multiple indicator lights can visually display the status of the instrument, consumable, sample and reagent
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