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Fully-auto Chemiluminescence Immunoassay (CLIA) System
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Flexible CLIA Solution for Medium/High-volume Laboratory
With the cutting-edge X-TECH and a high throughput of 450 tests per hour, MAGLUMI X6 is the ideal option for laboratories with high test demand. X6 incorporates many user-friendly designs, such as the automatic wash liquid preparation system which can greatly reduce manual operations. Moreover, X6 is flexible and scalable, allowing for easy connection of multiple X6 units and access to the TLA system to meet the needs of larger labs.
  • Throughput: 450 tests/hour
  • Up to 412 sample positions and 30 reagent positions
  • Up to 2000 walk-away tests
  • Reagent area with 24 hours refrigeration
  • Capable to link with Total Laboratory Automation System (TLA)
Advanced Technology
  • X6-3
    Disposable Tips with filter to ensure no cross-contamination
  • X6-5
    Single cup design with five-sided heating at 37±0.3℃, ensuring accurate, quick and uniform incubation
Flexible Combination
  • X6-4
    Capable to expand with multiple MAGLUMI X6 units or other modules
  • X6-1
    Access to total laboratory automation system (TLA/LAS)
User-driven Design
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    All loading/unloading operations and status checking can be done from just one side, saving space
  • 3
    Automatic or manual mode of wash liquid preparation can be selected according to your needs
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