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Fully-auto Chemiluminescence Immunoassay (CLIA) System
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Super High Throughput to Maximize Your Lab Efficiency
MAGLUMI X8 is a high-performance chemiluminescence immunoassay analyzer tailored for medium to large laboratories. With its exceptional speed, large capacity and outstanding performance, MAGLUMI X8 has earned the trust of end-users worldwide.
  • Up to 600 tests/hour (Single module)
  • Up to 2400 tests/hour (Four modules combined)
  • 300 sample positions
  • 42 reagent positions with RFID reader
  • Up to 2800 walk-away tests
Enhanced Efficiency with More Possibilities
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    Throughput up to 600 T/H, broad test menu with up to 236 assays
  • X8拼接
    Flexible combinations for ultra-high speed, up to 2400 T/H with 4 modules combined
  • f147efdf-846b-4b75-82b1-4ec715f4cbb8
    Capable to link with SATLARS™-TCA, greatly improving space efficiency
Advanced Technologies Create Excellent Performance
  • 5adaba46-2373-44b4-9753-a940e8633004
    Sample Pipetting with Disposal Tips

    No cross-contamination, support one pipetting for multiple tests

  • 1a8b76e8-f53b-40ed-8198-1fde7c59515f
    4-Step High-Efficiency Washing Units

    Magnetic separation washing with 4-group independent units, reducing non-specific binding and improving accuracy

Intelligent Display System
  • 产品图片746x4853
    Real-time monitoring of test procedure, reagent and consumable quantities
  • 产品图片746x4854
    Easy-to-use software can preset power on/off time and help you get to work quickly
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