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Snibe Unveils Cutting-edge Diagnostic Solutions at Medlab Middle East 2024

From February 5 to 8, 2024, Medlab Middle East 2024, the world's largest international trade event, unfolded at the Dubai World Trade Centre in the UAE. Snibe, distinguished as the highest level of platinum sponsorship, showcased a range of groundbreaking new products to the global audience.


On February 5th, Snibe hosted an impactful new product launch at booth Z5 C30, introducing 5 innovative products spanning chemiluminescence, biochemistry/electrolyte, analytical diagnosis, hemostasis, and lab automation. Among them, Snibe launched the ultra-high-speed chemiluminescence analyzer X8 in 2018, and launched MAGLUMI X10 on the international stage after 6 years, with its ultra-high throughput of up to 1000T/H, once again breaking the limit of the industry!


Another highlight was the debut of Hemolumi H6, Snibe's inaugural product in the hemostasis product line. With a speed of 450t/h, the H6 integrates mechanical (viscosity based) and optical clotting detection, ensuring precision, sensitivity, and speed in coagulation measurement.


On the biochemical front, the Biossays C10 made its mark as a fully automated biochemical analyzer with a remarkable throughput of up to 3,000 tests per hour. The C10's unique feature is its independent sampling track and arm, ensuring the speed of ISE is unaffected during simultaneous ISE and biochemical tests. Paired with the X10, the Biolumi CX10 creates an extraordinary ultra-high-speed integrated system, delivering an unparalleled testing experience.


Additionally, Snibe unveiled its first self-developed pipeline-line TLA system, SATARS-T8, optimizing pre- and post-analytic systems for enhanced flexibility and efficiency in experimental operations.


With an unwavering commitment over 29 years, Snibe remains at the forefront of in vitro diagnostic solutions, propelling the medical industry forward through relentless scientific and technological innovation. Pledging to stay customer-centric and market-oriented, Snibe is dedicated to creating value for human life and health through continual product and technological advancement. Thank you for your participation, and we eagerly anticipate reconnecting with you next time!